Exploring how information and communication technologies can help aboriginal languages, Dr. Junker has developed several websites for languages of the Algonquian family, in partnership with Indigenous organizations.

The Algonquian Linguistic Atlas

Linguistic Atlas MapThe Algonquian Linguistic Atlas is an interactive linguistic atlas of languages from the Algonquian family, with educational resources. 2005-present.

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See also: a multilingual Terminology database for several Algonquian languages.



  • An interactive website providing various language resources for the Atikamekw language (in French). 2016-present.

  • An interactive dictionary of the Atikamekw language (in French). Officially released: November 2021.


  • An interactive website dedicated to the linguistic documentation and survival of East Cree (Northern and Southern dialects), a Native American language spoken in James Bay, Quebec. Includes multimedia trilingual dictionaries, oral stories database, lessons, interactive reference grammar, syllabic writing resources, etc. 2000-present.

  • A multiligual (Northern East Cree, Southern East Cree, English & French) online dictionary. Developed in partnership Cree Programs, Cree School Board. 2004 – present.

  • A database for East Cree new terms: Medical domain with Mimie Neacappo (Cree Health Board Projects), and other domains updates, like Justice and Technology (with Cree Programs, Cree School Board). 2016-2018.

East Cree Lessons

  • A website of East Cree language lessons for second language learners (includes East Cree language lessons for literacy).

Spoken Cree

  • A website featuring Douglas C. Ellis’s audio collection of Cree legends and narratives, and of language lessons for the Moose and Swampy Cree languages spoken in Ontario.

Path of the Elders

  • An interactive website for Ontario Cree and Ojibwe students wanting to learn about their history. Directed by Elaine Keillor within CIRCLE.


  • A multilingual website offering language resources for the Innu language spoken in Quebec and Labrador, modelled after the website. Co-authored with Marguerite MacKenzie. Completely updated in 2019. 2005-present.

Dictionnaire Innu-Aimun Dictionary

  • Innu Dictionary for Quebec and Labrador, containing over 27 000 Innu words with grammatical information, English and French definitions, example sentences, sounds and images. With José Mailhot and Marguerite MacKenzie. 2013. Expanded in 2016 and in 2018.

Grammaire innue

  • These are grammatical sketches to support and complement the language lessons and the dictionary. With Anne-Marie Baraby, Marguerite MacKenzie, Yvette Mollen & Hélène St-Onge (various contributors for various pages, see detailed credits on the site). First pages published in 2012, developed and largely augmented in 2014.

Histoires orales innues

  • A searchable database of Innu oral stories (audio and video), described in Innu, French and English. As project director. Developed in partnership with Institut Tshakapesh, with funding from Heritage Canada. First published in 2012, augmented in 2014 and 2015.

Jeux Tshakapesh / Innu Lessons

  • A website of lessons and language games aimed at Innu speakers in Quebec (includes Innu language lessons for literacy). Also adapted to Labrador Innu. Later expanded for second language learners (English and French).

Algonquian Dictionaries

Web Dictionary & Other Web Development

Blackfoot Dictionary. Edited by Inge Genee and Don Franz. Web dictionary development by Marie-Odile Junker and Inge Genee. 2016-2017.

Oral Stories Database for Blackfoot. Web development by Heather Bliss, Inge Geene and Marie-Odile Junker. 2017.

Wasaho Ininîwimowin – Fort Severn Cree Dictionary Edited by Marguerite MacKenzie. Web dictionary development by Marie-Odile Junker and Marguerite MacKenzie. 2015-2017.

Moose and Swampy Cree Glossary Edited by C. Douglas Ellis. Web dictionary development by Marie-Odile Junker. 2014. Expanded in 2017.

Eastern Swampy and Moose Cree Dictionary Edited by C. Douglas Ellis and Marie-Odile Junker. Web dictionary development by Marie-Odile Junker. 2018. (Based on the above Glossary)

Nishnaabemwin Dictionary Edited by Mary Ann Naokwegijig-Corbiere and Rand Valentine. Web dictionary development by Marie-Odile Junker and Rand Valentine. 2015-2019.

Michif Dictionary Edited by Nicole Rosen. Web dictionary development by Marie-Odile Junker and Nicole Rosen. 2015.

Naskapi Dictionary Edited by Marguerite MacKenzie and Bill Jancewicz. Web dictionary development by Marie-Odile Junker, Bill Jancewicz and Marguerite MacKenzie. 2015.

Plains Cree Dictionary. Web dictionary development by Marie-Odile Junker and Arok Wolvengrey. 2016-2022.